Here are some samples I have created in the past. Also check out StudioKannazuki's YouTube channel for vocals.These samples are not for reuse. All rights reserved by StudioKannazuki. Some tracks provided here by permission of clients.
Vocal: 水瀬ましろ
Lyrics: 昼王
Music: Terry Chandler
Vocal: 冬乃桜
Music, Lyrics: Terry Chandler
Vocal: Cold, Amy Hatari
Lyrics: Cold
Music: Terry Chandler
Vocal: 藍月なくる
Music, Lyrics: Terry Chandler
Vocal, Lyrics: Dream
Music: Terry Chandler
Vocal: 萌きゅんエンジェル
Lyrics: イチカワ マサキ
Music: Terry Chandler

01. vocals

02. happy, refreshing

03. peaceful, soothing

04. sad, sorrowful

05. comical, cute

06. mysterious, ethereal

07. determined, industrial

08. scary, horror

09. jazzy, stylish

10. rock, battle

11. ethnic, etc

12. jingle, fanfare